The client of this project had no idea what she wanted us to Design, due to the fact that there were not much of activities happening within this area. The good aspect of this area was that it had a lot of local people buying and selling. This made it easy for our team to Design a MARKET PLACE were everyone is free to buy and sell what they want. And that also helped us to Enforce the SOCIO-CULTURE of this area.


To this Area we added GREENERY to help enforce Socio-Culture. There was also a problem of parking, because cars were randomly parking which increased the desnity of Traffic and Accidence in that area. So in that aspect our Team designed a PARKING AREADifferent PATHS that lead to different Spaces of the Market.


The Market Place now has 45 Stalls with an area of 12 sqm. This helped the owner into designing an area that is FUNCTIONAL, SOCIO-CULTURAL and that solved the main problems for this area.