The Residential house was already an Exiting house. The Client bought it from the owner and wanted a new design. Meaning he wanted renovations done to this house.

We added NEW PATHS to the House to identify different functions of each space and provide MORE GREENERYAfter identifying the Paths, within the empty spaces we added Greenery to give life to the house. SWIMMING POOL was just an Addition to the Clients brief were he mentioned that he love’s to swim and it would be ideal for him to have a Swimming Pool if its possible.

 The house itself was falling apart and the new owner wanted to add more changes to it and add value to this house. We removed all the small windows and added LARGE WINDOWS to give emphasis on the Southern Elevation. With Large Windows the Elevation looks a little more modern, as how the client wanted it to be. We also added a DOUBLE GARAGE. The ROOF was completely changed.