The Client of this project requested a space were both Students and Professors have a freedom to be creative and be comfortable. This Vocational Centre, has been design in such away that all the spaces blend into one another to create a pleasant environment, to the outside of each building.

As pleasant spaces were created it has been complimented by GREENERY that identifies different aspects of this Centre.


To identify different aspects and Functions of this centre, we briefly show each Building. The first Building to the far North East, is the CAFETERIA. Were both students and Professors could have their lunch or other activities.


The Second Building to the Middle is the ADMINISTRATIVE BLOCKAs its designed, it is close to the Main Entrance of the Centre, were visitors can easy Access and were the Architecture in this case speaks for itself.


The Third Building to the far South West is the AUDITORIUM (HALL).This building has been located here due to the fact that it’s multifunctional, for both the Public and for Students. Provides easy access to the visitor.


The Fourth Buildings to the far North West are all LECTURE BUILDING-WORKSHOP AREAS. It has been located in that specific position for Acoustic reasons, in this way noise is reduced by the Greenery around the Building that comes from the Road.


The Fifth Building to the far North-North West is the CLINIC. It has been located in this area for Acoustic reasons as well. Most silent area on site that is accessible by all.